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Portimão Photographic Race

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Portimão Photographic Race

Registration and image capture must be done in Portimão, between May 18th and July 18th

This year's Portimão Photographic Race invites participants to capture, over the course of two months, starting on the 18th of May, images inspired by the literary work of Manuel Teixeira Gomes, who in 1924 was at the origin, as President of Republic, from the elevation to the city of what was then Vila Nova de Portimão, his homeland.

This year, all photographs must be taken, obligatorily, in the geographic and thematic space of the municipality, which covers the parishes of Portimão, Alvor, Mexilhoeira Grande, but, unlike what has happened in previous editions – when the in-person test was scheduled for just one day - this time they can be done in the extended period between May 18th and July 18th.

Although the launch is scheduled for this Saturday, May 18th, from the Portimão Museum, anyone who cannot be present on that day can raise the themes and take the respective photographs within a period of two months.

The challenge will test the creativity and individual interpretation of the participants, based on six small excerpts, taken from the literary work of Manuel Teixeira Gomes, which will serve as a pretext and inspiration for the three photos to be register for each suggestion, in a total of 18 original photographs.

Each participant must register in person at the Portimão Museum reception between May 18th and July 18th (Tuesday from 14:30 pm to 17:30 pm and Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 17:30 pm) and confirm the six themes to be photographing, however disclosed in the regulations.

The best sets of images will be awarded prizes of 1100 euros (1st place), 900 euros (2nd place), 600 euros (3rd place) and 400 euros (4th place).

The winning works and the best photographs from each theme will be part of the usual collective exhibition, which this year will be on display at the Portimão Museum from September.

The 24th Portimão Photographic Race has the support of the following entities: CLCC – Center for Languages, Culture and Communication, Restinga, GAMP – Group of Friends of the Portimão Museum, ANAFA – Algarve Photographers Association and Sul Informação.

This 24th edition of the most important competition of its kind south of the Tagus, is also part of the 16th anniversary of the Portimão Museum, which organizes it, aiming to promote a creative outlook for photography enthusiasts and friends, coming from all over the country, based on the relationship of proximity between Manuel Teixeira Gomes and his origins.

More details about this competition can be requested by calling 282 405 230 / 282 405 269 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The regulation is available here



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